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Trials Rising - Sixty Six Expansion Review (PlayStation 4)

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Sixty Six, an expansion for Trials Rising, sounded like a large piece of content that promises 24 new tracks, “six Stadium Finals”, new contracts, and an American Football outfit. But Sixty Six did not take me long to finish. (Maybe a few hours? I didn’t log my time, so I’m not sure.) The majority of tracks are easy, and I quickly conquered the more difficult offerings. Previous expansions/DLCs for the franchise added challenging levels, so it was a little disappointing to actually complete every level in a Trials expansion.

The “six Stadium Finals” part of the marketing blurb refers to six Stadium Finals are six additional tracks. The good news is that you don’t have to grind to unlock Stadium Finals in this expansion: you just have to beat (medal?) all tracks in the division.

The 24 + 6 tracks in Sixty Six are fun to blast through and look nice, but there doesn’t seem to be any levels in Sixty Six that are cooler than ones from the base game.

Sixty Six is short but not all that sweet, which makes it hard to recommend on its own for $7.99. It’s one part of a two-part expansion pass priced at $19.99. The second part, Crash & Sunburn, is out and I enjoyed playing through it way more than I did Sixty Six.

Trials Rising Gold Edition includes the expansion pass, and it is only $15 more than the Standard Edition. Something to keep in mind if you want to buy Trials Rising :-)

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  • 12-15: Updated article to include information about the Crash & Sunburn expansion.