About the Site

This is a site with all sorts of different content. Currently, most of it relates to music or video games, but I hope to diversify my bonds content.

Originally, I started this site in 2010 as a simple portfolio page with programming samples. In 2012, the current version of this website starting taking shape.

Originally, I wanted the site to contain my video game reviews. It expanded into music reviews in 2016 because I got way deep into Japanese music. Because I was that head-over-heels about it all, I exposed myself at work as what the kids might call “being way deep into Japan”. I decided to remove that content out of something resembling embarrassment.

I continued writing over at The Boredome, but that content lives here now because search engines did not like The Boredome at all. I think that the name doomed it.

I wanted to come back to this site in 2019, but it just didn’t happen.

I resumed work on the website in 2021. These days, I write just for myself. But I hope that you enjoy the content here, or at least that you have a laugh at some of my earlier articles on here. Some of them were attempts at SEO-satisfying clickbait in a vain attempt to get people to the site, while others were failed experiments. Someone could probably dig them up elsewhere, but to quote Tim Rogers:

Look, buddy, if anybody’s gonna make me look bad, it’s gonna be me.

About the Webmaster

Hi! I’m Dustin Andrew Leavins, and you’re looking at my site! I’m a software engineer who lives in Northwest Florida. In addition to the stuff I write about on here, I’m also into drumming, old technology, yo-yos (especially 4A/offstring), organization, and ergonomics. I used to skateboard.