About the Site

This site acts as a personal blog. For the most part, I write about video games and music on here.

Originally, I started this site in 2010 as a simple portfolio page with programming samples. In 2012, the current version of this website starting taking shape as I started adding video game reviews. It expanded into music reviews in 2016 because I got way deep into Japanese music. Because I was that head-over-heels about it all, I exposed myself at work as what the kids might call “being way deep into Japan”. I decided to remove that content out of something resembling embarrassment.

I continued writing over at a site called The Boredome, but that content lives here now because search engines did not like The Boredome at all.

I originally took this site more seriously, hoping to attract readers and such. These days, I write mostly for myself, but I hope that you enjoy the content here!

In January 2023, I removed lots of content from the site. I used to have a ‘quick thoughts’ section with short reviews, several music reviews (which I feel like aren’t up to my standard), and a few attempts at ‘clickbait’ articles that didn’t work to drive traffic to the site. If you’re interested in reading these old items, send me an email and I’ll be glad to send the original Markdown files to you.