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How to Follow Me

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If you dig my work, that’s excellent! There are a few ways to follow my activities out there.

RSS Feeds

Let’s say, for a moment, that you want to know when I publish an article. One way to stay up-to-date is to subscribe to one or more of my RSS feeds.

Step 1 - Get a Feed Reader

First, you need to get a Feed Reader.

On desktop, I like Feedbro. It’s a Firefox and Chrome browser extension that provides feed-reading capabilities.

For Android, I’ve used Just Rss for a bit and I like it.

On iPhone and iPad, Feeddler looks good, but I haven’t used it. I’m not sure if it supports importing feeds.

If you’re into using a website to read feeds, people seem to like Feedly as far as online services go.

Step 2 - Add My Feeds

The next step is to add my feeds to your reader. Many feed reading programs support an ‘Import from OPML’ option. Just download this OPML file and import it. You should be set and ready to see my latest posts no matter where I make them.

If you just want to follow a specific site, each of my blogs also has a link to its own feed.

Other websites have RSS Feeds too - maybe your favorite site offers it. Sites that offer RSS Feeds will often show this icon:

They may also have a link that says “Feed”.


If you’re interested in my open source contributions, head over to dustinleavins @ GitHub.

The Future

I’ll keep this article updated with where to find me online.