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Gachatto BEST <2010-2014> Edition Differences

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(Last updated 8-21 with some new info about Type-S.)

Gachatto BEST <2010-2014> was released in three different editions:

  • Regular Edition (physical and iTunes)
  • Type-G Limited Edition
  • Type-S Limited Edition

Summary of Differences

Both Limited Editions:

  • Have “ブラックサバイバル (feat. Fuki)” (“Black Survival”)
  • Come with a DVD containing most of Gacharic Spin’s music videos
  • Come with a booklet

Each Limited Edition:

  • Swaps one remix out for the original version of a song
  • Has one exclusive remix
  • Has one exclusive video
  • Has a different video for “ヌーディリズム” (“Nudyrhyzm”)
  • Has an exclusive retrospective
  • Has a different photo booklet

CD Differences

All three editions come with CDs that have slightly different track lists.

Type-G has the original version of “Lock-On!!”, while the other two editions include the 2013 version from Delicious (Normal Edition).

Type-S has the original version of “ハンティングサマー” (“Hunting Summer)”, while the other two editions have a version that, as far as I know, is exclusive to the compilation.

Both limited editions have “ブラックサバイバル (feat. Fuki)”. This track is absent from the Regular Edition, and it is a new version of the song.1

Each limited edition has an exclusive track. Type-G has “雪泣く〜setsunaku〜メロディー-2014-“ (“Yukinaku ~setsunaku~ Melody -2014-“). Type-S has “Across the now! -2014-“. Both are new versions for the compilation.1

DVD Differences

The major difference is the main feature. Type-G has a 2009-2012 retrospective, where Type-S has a 2013-2014 retrospective.

Both limited editions have most of the music videos, but each has a bonus video: Type-G has “週末ファンタジー” (“Weekend Fantasy”), and Type-S has “WINNER”.

Each limited edition includes a different version of the “ヌーディリズム” video. Type-S has a concert footage version, and Type-G has the original version.

Misc. Info

Here are some little details that I didn’t mention in Music Review: Gacharic Spin - Gachatto BEST <2010-2014>. Warning, this is a bit stream-of-consciousness.

The compilation’s version of “Never say never” seems to be a slightly extended version (4:40) of the song. On Delicious, the song is 4:35 and ends abruptly (at least on my copy).

I didn’t look too closely at waveforms, but I compared “Never say never” for the iTunes, Type-G, and Delicious versions, and all three looked identical and showed tons of clipping.

As far as I know, neither DVD has the video for “BROKEN LOVER”. Oddly enough, the officially uploaded version on YouTube looks like it was taken from a DVD itself and promotes a few of Gacharic Spin’s other DVDs.

Neither booklet has pictures of Armmy, Gacharic Spin’s first vocalist. If I had to guess, I’d say the exclusion is due to legal issues.

I found that some sites list incorrect track listings for the Limited Edition versions of this compilation. I think that the tracklist changed prior to release because most sites place version-exclusive songs at the end of the album. Two places that list correct info are Play-Asia and jame-world.


  1. Source - CDJapan’s Japanese descriptions for Gachatto BEST  2


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