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Game Review: eXceed Collection

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I’ve reviewed all of the games of the eXceed series (official English site), and now it’s time for me to review the collection itself.

eXceed Collection is an English-language, digital-only compilation of three Japanese PC games (originally made by FLAT Software and Tennen-sozai). All three games are ‘bullet hell’/danmaku/modern-style fan-made shoot-em-ups. Nyu Media developed the English version for two of these titles (the first game is untranslated due to technical reasons), and Capcom is the publisher on Steam and other digital download services.

No complaints here about the localization of eXceed 2nd and eXceed 3rd. They didn’t redub the dialogue, so it’s still in Japanese. The first game is untranslated due to technical issues. Personally, I didn’t get into the plot of any of the games, they’re just not for me. But I’m sure that anime-loving shoot-em-up fans will like what Nyu Media has done with the translation.

Here are links to full reviews of the three games in this collection:

The short version is this: 3rd is my favorite of the series, and Gun Bullet Children is my least favorite and did not run well on my computer.

I recommend the entire compilation for fans of modern shoot-em-ups.

eXceed Collection is fairly affordable (especially during holiday sales), and you can get it on Steam (eXceed Collection on Steam), Desura, GamersGate, and other services. Thank you, Nyu Media and Capcom for making these games available in the West.