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Warning: this article contains fanboy gushing about Japanese stuff because that's what I was really into back in 2016. -Dustin

Music Review: Light Bringer - The Light Brings the Past Scenes

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Light Bringer’s latest/last release1 The Light Brings the Past Scenes, a live DVD/Blu-Ray. And I loved watching it! TLBtPS is a thoroughly entertaining document of a Light Bringer concert recorded in 2014. It has one small problem, but I’ll get into it later. For now, I’m gonna gush about it and you just have to deal with it.

The band played with incredible energy and precision. Everyone killed it and looked like they had fun, and it elevated the whole thing to a new level for me. The presentation was superb, with plenty of camera angle changes to keep things fresh and energetic. You know, I’m just gonna stop now because I can gush until there’s nothing left. TLBtPS is fantastic.

Having said that (uh-oh), there’s an issue with the first half: Fuki (their insanely talented vocalist) sounded somewhat off. But she recovered very well for the second half, so I don’t have much of a complaint.

I found the setlist to be very accessible for new fans of the band. Almost every song from Scenes of Infinity is on here along with some of their more recent singles like “ICARUS” and “noah”. Quite a few older songs made the cut, which makes the setlist a nice mix of new and old. I enjoyed every song, and that includes songs that I never heard prior to hearing them here.

I guess it’s time to wrap it up! Watching The Light Brings the Past Scenes was, for me, an entertaining experience. If it sounds interesting, go check it out! If you have never heard Light Bringer’s music, perhaps you should listen to Scenes of Infinity first. I can’t tell you what to do, I have no qualifications beyond writing words on a website.

Quick Details

Here’s a quick details section for those looking to buy The Light Brings the Past Scenes.

Blu-Ray Region: Region-Free!

DVD Region: I think it’s Region-Free (I own the Blu-ray)

Auto-Play: Yes

Amount of stage banter: quite a bit

Tracklist breakdown (Blu-ray main feature):

  • 2 from Monument
    • includes a curious case where Monument has the same recording of a song from the “ICARUS” single
  • 9 from Scenes of Infinity
  • 4 from Genesis
  • 3 from Tales of Almanac2
  • 1 non-album single

Tracklist breakdown (Blu-ray bonus):

  • 2 from Midnight Circus

I bought my copy from CDJapan.

(Modified on 2016-05-21 to remove the intro. I plan on writing quite a few articles about Light Bringer, so it makes sense to move any introduction to its own article.)

  1. Being a western fan of Japanese music is tricky. For starters, you only see little pieces of info here and there. Light Bringer is officially on hiatus, but what little I’ve read suggests a permanent split. 

  2. I haven’t heard Midnight Circus or Tales of Almanac in their entireties, so it’s possible that TLBtPS’s version of “Hearn’s Heaven” is based on the Midnight Circus version. I don’t know! 


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