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Game Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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Long time fan of the series, gonna give you the real scoop on the new Smash.

New Characters

Little Mac owns, he punches fools and runs fast.

Mega Man is a weird character. In Smash, you typically want to get in someone’s face to smash them. But Mega Man is projectile-dependent and so you gotta get away from people to smash them. Once you get over that, he’s fun.

Why is Greninja in this game? Should have been replaced with Naruto.

Pac-Man exists. He does Galaga stuff sometimes, and Galaga stuff is always cool to see.

Returning Characters

They completely ruined Sonic by getting rid of his “you’re too sloooow” voice clip. He is no longer playable. To make up for this, Captain Falcon seems to be good again.

Mewtwo’s back in. As DLC. People wanted him back? I always thought he was 2 Slow 4 Game.

I can confirm that Jigglypuff is still Jigglypuff.

Non-Returning Characters

No Snake? That’s gonna bug some people.

I’m a little sore about Ice Climbers being cut for technical reasons. C’mon Nintendo, step up your tech game.

Smash 4 also lacks Roy, Wolf, Pokemon Trainer, Lucas, and Pichu. I didn’t even remember the last two had been cut until I looked it up on a Wiki thing. Oh well, hope you didn’t like any of them because they’re gone!

Other Stuff

The stages are cool. Each one has a Final Destination mode for the Fox-only/eSports types.

8-Player brawls exist. They do.

The 3DS version is cool because you can play Smash away from the TV and it even has a brand new Earthbound-themed level. Wii U version is better because you can use controllers and a TV with it.

Overall Score

100 chicken fries without sauce but with a diet cola; would buy again at full MSRP


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