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Short Trackball Reviews

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Logitech Trackman Marble

This is an okay trackball, and easily available if you’re looking to get into trackballing. I found it to be fairly comfortable (especially with a wrist rest). The only downsides are:

  1. No scroll wheel
  2. No middle mouse button

Apparently, you can configure it (at least in certain nerdy operating systems that shall remain nameless) to scroll and middle click and all of that. But I use Windows, so I dunno!

Kensington Orbit Trackball with Scroll Wheel

This trackball is not very comfortable. Its design feels ‘squished’ and using it for a long period of time cramps my hand a little. The mouse buttons are in an uncomfortable position; they’re spaced very far away from the center of the mouse. But it has a scroll wheel and it’s affordable!!!

Logitech Trackman Wheel

This is a great trackball. I bought one of these back in 2010 and it still works after years of heavy use (with some abuse thrown-in for good measure). It’s the most comfortable pointing device that I’ve ever used, and it comes with a scroll wheel.

But it’s out of production and very expensive.


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