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Warning: this article contains fanboy gushing about Japanese stuff because that's what I was really into back in 2016. -Dustin

Music Review: Light Bringer - "noah" Single

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“noah” was the lead single from Light Bringer’s 2012 album Genesis. It received both a promo video (Light Bringer - noah) and a CD release in 2011 featuring an instrumental version of the song and two additional tracks.

The CD packaging is interesting. The lyrics come in a fold-out pamphlet that features a few pictures of Fuki (vocalist). If you want to see Hibiki, Mao, Satoru, or Seiya, look elsewhere. My copy also came with an additional cover - from what I gather, it was a first-press bonus. It’s a neat little bonus, but probably not worth tracking down a copy with it unless you’re crazy about collecting.

If you’ve listened to Genesis or watched the promo video, then you know about “noah” already. It’s a great song, and very much in the “power metal with prog influence” style that Light Bringer is known for. The instrumental version is worth a listen, but the song works best with the inclusion of Fuki’s vocals.

As far as I know, the other two tracks (“Heartful… <2011>” and “Continue!?”) are exclusive to this single, so I’ll focus on those.

“Heartful… <2011>” is a piano and vocals version of a song from Light Bringer’s Heartful Message EP. Mao did a fantastic job on this track - his playing compliments Fuki’s powerful vocals exceptionally well. If you enjoyed the version of “Hydrangea” that was on The Light Brings the Past Scenes, you’ll dig this song.

“Continue!?” is quite interesting. In terms of their other music, it’s like “魔法” (track 5 from monument) and “Venus” (from Scenes of Infinity) but with even more pop influence. As far as I know, it’s an incredibly happy song. There are a few lyrics in English, but it’s mostly Japanese and I haven’t found a translation yet. But man, it sounds so joyful that it’s infectious!

“Heartful… <2011>” and “Continue!?” are fantastic songs, and if you can find the “noah” single, I highly recommend getting it.

(I bought a used copy of the “noah” single from RarezHut. They specialize in visual kei, their prices are very reasonable, and they are based in the United States.)


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