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Warning: this article contains fanboy gushing about Japanese stuff because that's what I was really into back in 2016. -Dustin

Music Review: Gacharic Spin - Music Battler (Type A DVD)

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(This is a review of the bonus DVD that comes with Music Battler’s Type A Limited Edition. I reviewed the album here: Gacharic Spin - Music Battler Review.)

Gacharic Spin’s 2015 album, Music Battler, comes in four different varieties:

  • Normal Edition
  • Type A Limited Edition (comes with Type A DVD)
  • Type B Limited Edition (comes with Type B DVD)
  • Normal Edition for iTunes (comes with a digital calendar)

Both DVDs have the video for “Music Battler”. As far as I know, the video is on YouTube but cannot be viewed in the US due to Unfun Money Business. Anyways, the title track’s music video is a loving tribute to superheroes/tokusatsu with an intentional low-budget feel.

The general plot of the video is “Gacharic Spin get beaten by some evil dude, become superheroes, and beat him.” To become superheroes, they have to train. And so each member gets a training scene. The best one of these (and, IMO, the best part of the video) is one where Oreo Reona (keyboard and vocals) uses her sexy powers to seduce an ape. That raises so many unanswered questions. There’s also a scene where F Chopper KOGA’s (bass) finds her Animality so that she can become Nightwolf1. Good stuff.

The video isn’t as energetic as some of the other Gacharic Spin videos that I’ve seen. But it’s good fun and worth watching if you’re able to.

The Type A DVD has a fairly long (~40 minutes) documentary of their concert at J-POP SUMMIT 2016 in San Franscisco, California.

The Type B DVD has something that CDJapan calls “TOMO-ZO WANMAN SHO DOCUMENTARY”. I assume that this is a documentary of the guitarist’s one-man show. It sounds fun! But when I was buying my copy of Music Battler, I didn’t know it and thought it was some Behind the Music stuff with a bunch of talking. I went with Type A.

As it turns out, this Japanese documentary about a Japanese band playing a show in the US has a lot of Japanese people speaking Japanese in it. But fear not! There’s enough music stuff, food stuff, and mischief to keep things entertaining.

The food stuff is rather heavy. Gacharic Spin went to a place named Extreme Pizza, and Oreo Reona tried to go EXTREME by stuffing a whole slice into her mouth. They also went to two other restaurants, for a total of three, count 'em, three restaurant visits in this documentary.

Proceedings were rather light on the mischief. It’s limited to a few bedtime pranks.

So, that leaves the concert footage to talk about. It’s not the entire show (I don’t think that there is a complete song on here), but what’s there is quite extensive and shot with multiple cameras. It includes (what I think is) all of Oreo Reona’s English stage banter. That’s right - she talked to the crowd in English! The audio quality is alright - probably not as good as their other live videos, but listenable.

After the concert footage, the documentary has a few short interviews with English-speaking music fans. And yes, the interviews are in English with Japanese subtitles.

The depth of concert footage makes it somewhat easy for me to to recommend upgrading to Type A Limited Edition if you want to buy a physical copy of Music Battler. Just be ready to keep a finger on the fast-forward button. If you’re new to Gacharic Spin and are unsure about that level of commitment, Music Battler is on iTunes so you can easily check it out there.

Quick Details (DVD)

DVD Region: 2 (NTSC)

Auto-Play: No

I bought my copy from CDJapan.

  1. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation continues to be an inspirational movie for me. 


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