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Warning: this article contains fanboy gushing about Japanese stuff because that's what I was really into back in 2016. -Dustin

Music Review: Light Bringer - Memory of Genesis ~Lovely Music Tour 2012 Final~

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Before Light Bringer made Scenes of Infinity and The Light Brings the Past Scenes, they released a live DVD titled Memory of Genesis - ~Lovely Music Tour 2012 Final~. That’s a mouthful of a title, so I’m calling it Memory of Genesis for short.

The majority of Memory of Genesis’s setlist is the entirety of Light Bringer’s Genesis (commonly stylized as “genesis”). Everything sounds fairly spot-on and faithful to the source. I could only find a few differences, and most of them come in the form of pre-song solos and things of that nature. If you’ve never heard Genesis, you should listen to it before watching this concert. I managed to watch Memory of Genesis before getting a copy of Genesis, and I enjoyed Memory of Genesis more after listening to its studio counterpart.

After “Love You ♡”, Fuki (vocals) changed attire and the band played some of their earlier material. A standout from this later part of the concert is “Diamond”, partially because it’s a great song and partially because because Hibiki (bass) dived off the stage during it. It’s an awesome moment that I didn’t expect.

The editing is energetic, with frequent cuts to different members of the band. The focus is on Fuki, and for good reason: she was the most lively member of the band throughout this concert. She bopped around the stage and kept the crowd hyped. JaY (guitar) and Hibiki put on fairly energetic performances. Mao (keyboard) and Satoru (drums) get the short end of the stick when it comes to screentime, but they are fairly lively even though they’re trapped behind stationary instruments. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling guitarist Seiya’s stage presence - he did an excellent job with playing the intricate material, but I noticed that he stayed in one place for most songs. The crowd liked him, so I dunno!

I think the crowd also enjoyed the light & laser show, but I don’t think that it translated well to the DVD as the flashing lights give an overwhelming strobe effect during some songs.

Yes, those two things are the only negative points that I can possibly make about Memory of Genesis. It’s that good. But how does it compare to their other concert video, The Light Brings the Past Scenes?

After watching Memory of Genesis for this review, I watched a few songs from TLBtPS. And I’ll admit to enjoying TLBtPS more than I did Memory of Genesis.

Scenes of Infinity (which has a nearly complete representation in TLBtPS’s setlist) and Genesis are two fantastic albums. But I like SoI a little more, and I think that its songs translate better to live performances than the slower, more pop-influenced material of Genesis. I also prefer the performances in TLBtPS - the amount of energy that Light Bringer brought in that concert is staggering and makes Memory of Genesis seem reserved by comparison.

But that’s only by comparison. If you’re a fan of Light Bringer, you should watch both. Memory of Genesis is a great concert video, and I think that you would enjoy watching it.

If you’ve read this far, and you’re somehow not a fan of Light Bringer, you should check them out!!!

Quick Details

Here’s a quick details section for those looking to buy Memory of Genesis.

DVD Region: Region-Free!!!

Auto-Play: Yes

Amount of stage banter: small

Setlist breakdown:

  • 11 from Genesis
  • 3 from Midnight Circus
  • 1 from Tales of Almanac
  • 1 non-album single


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