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Hi Again

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I feel like starting this personal blog again. In 2016, I stopped using the blog sometime because I was concerned that co-workers would chap my hide raw about the music content that I was posting. But I don’t care anymore, and besides, I now have a separate site for all of that stuff.

The Boredome - Music and Game Reviews

I started The Boredome pretty much immediately after I originally closed this blog. It’s meant to be a place where I can post music and game reviews without it coming up when you search for my name online.

It was originally intended as a site content similar to those “weeb” reviews that I removed from this site. But, as it happens, I lost the passion for Japanese rock sometime in 2017 and haven’t regained it. Maybe I will someday.

Site Updates

If you poke around, you might notice that those old “weeb” reviews are back with a warning message at the top. I was obsessed with Japanese music back in 2016 and early on in 2017. It showed in those articles, and it even showed-up at work! I told co-workers that I listened to “Japanese music” and I even played some “choice cuts” at work on the in-office Sonos system. I think that I was so into it because it seemed bright and cheerful, two things that I was lacking in my life because I was (probably) depressed and working through some issues. I’m in a better place now.

But I want those posts to be online and searchable. Maybe it will spark some interest in the music that I once loved.

I also brought back some previous articles with a similar warning. I was still trying to find “my voice” in my writing and, yes, trying to get traffic coming to this site. I write for myself now, so there will be no cringe-worthy attempts at clickbait. So I wrote some stinkers, but they’re all back. I don’t think that there’s anything so terrible that I don’t want to be associated with it, and they’re funny to look back on.

I also gave the site a fresh coat of paint.

This Site’s Future

I plan on slowly adding content to the site that doesn’t involve:

  • Music
  • Video Games
  • Software Development

I already have other sites for these subjects. The Boredome has music and video game reviews, and Leavins Programming for software development . If I release any software, I’ll let you know at Dustin Leavins’s Software.

I currently work two jobs, and I’m an adult with responsibilities, so that leaves me little time for writing. But, if I think of something that’s interesting, I’ll write about it and put it out there for someone to read.


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