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Good Games: Escape Goat

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This is a great game, and I’m not just saying that just because it features a goat and a mouse that sometimes wears a teleportation-enabling hat. Escape Goat is a magical puzzle game by MagicalTimeBean that has multiple areas with multiple rooms. For the most part, figuring out the room is half of the solution. The other half is in the execution as your goat jumps, headbutts, and throws the mouse buddy everywhere. The PC version includes a level editor and a bonus set of areas.

This game also features sheep.

Pictured is not a sheep, but a particularly tough room early on in the game. The trick to it wasn’t obvious the first time I played the game (which was a year ago when the PC version came out), and it wasn’t obvious when I was replaying it earlier today.

MagicalTimeBean’s site

Play Escape Goat (if you have the right web browser)

It’s available for Xbox 360 (as a Xbox Live Indie Game) and the PC (on Desura)

(I do not claim any copyright on the above screenshot)


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