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Warning: this article contains fanboy gushing about Japanese stuff because that's what I was really into back in 2016. -Dustin

Music Review: Gacharic Spin - Gachatto BEST <2010-2014>

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Gachatto BEST <2010-2014> is a hits/best-of compilation that’s actually worth looking into for any fan of Gacharic Spin. How can this be!? Simple: they released three different editions: the regular edition is mostly geared towards new listeners and casual fans, while the two limited editions (Type-S and Type-G) cater to existing fans.

I currently own Type-G and the regular edition (impulse purchase from iTunes).

Regular Edition

If you’ve never heard Gacharic Spin before, go on YouTube and search for them! They’ve made some cool videos for many of the songs on this compilation. If you like what you heard, you should get the regular edition of Gachatto BEST <2010-2014>. The track list has a nice mix of singles and album cuts, and it’s easily available on U.S. iTunes.

For those who own all of their albums, here’s a breakdown of the tracks featured on this compilation:

  • 1 exclusive track
  • 5 from Delicious
    • Includes a track that was exclusive to the venue edition
  • 4 from WINNER
  • 1 from VIRGIN-A
  • 2 non-album singles

The exclusive version of “ハンティングサマー” (“Hunting Summer”) is pretty good! “ヌーディリズム” (“Nudyrhyzm”) and “僕だけのシンデレラ” (“Bokudakeno Cinderella”) are fantastic tracks that didn’t make it to any of their albums. “Ben-Jan-Dan -2013-“ was previously exclusive to Delicious’s venue edition, and it’s a <insert positive adjective here> addition here.

On one hand, the regular edition is an affordable way to get all of these lovely tracks!

On the other hand, they’re just four out of thirteen tracks on this compilation. And if that bums you out, you should consider getting either of the limited editions.

Limited Editions

Type-G and Type-S are the two limited editions of Gachatto BEST <2010-2014>. Each comes with a Limited Edition version of the CD, a DVD, and a booklet.

What makes Type-G different from Type-S? Victor Entertainment (who released this compilation) split the Limited Edition exclusives so that you have to get both to get everything. I wrote a whole article about it: Gachatto BEST <2010-2014> Edition Differences. The good news is that the differences are minor. I went with Type-G over Type-S because I thought the art was cooler.

Either version of the DVD has most of the music videos that they made prior to Music Battler, and it’s convenient to have them on a disc.

The Type-G DVD has a few videos that aren’t currently viewable on YouTube (or were never uploaded there in the first place). One of these is a video for “メロメロファンタジー” (“Drunken Fantasy”) from Delicious, and it’s one of the funniest music videos that I’ve ever seen. Describing it would give away most of the humor, so you’ll have to just take my word for it.

Type-G’s exclusive bonus video is for “週末ファンタジー” (“Weekend Fantasy”) from WINNER. It’s cute, but you can skip it or whatever.

There’s a long retrospective on the Type-G DVD, but it has a whole lot of talking so I watched five minutes of it and called it a day.

The booklet that came with my Type-G copy is a photo scrapbook of the band’s experiences from 2010 to 2014. It was fun to flip through and see all the cherished memories that I know nothing about.

As far as the music itself goes, each limited edition offers two exclusive tracks. Both limited editions include “ブラックサバイバル (feat. Fuki)” (“Black Survival”), and it’s as fantastic as the title suggests. Type-G comes with “雪泣く〜setsunaku〜メロディー-2014-“ (“Yukinaku ~setsunaku~ Melody -2014-“) and that’s a nice addition. I have not heard Type-S’s exclusive track, “Across the now! -2014-“. Maybe it’s good?

I bought Type-G prior to to buying the regular edition off iTunes. I didn’t have their other albums, so why did I get Type-G? It says “limited edition”, comes with bonus tracks, and has a DVD of their great music videos.

Would I recommend Type-G for new fans of Gacharic Spin? It’s expensive but may be worth it to you if you can look at the price tag without going into sticker shock.

For people who already love Gacharic Spin, I highly recommend getting one of the limited editions. The DVD and bonus songs are cool!

Should you get both? If you have to ask, just go for it.

Type-G DVD Quick Details

DVD Region: 2 (NTSC)

Auto-Play: No


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