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Fez 2 is Cancelled

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I looked into it, did some research, and checked some sources. Internet anger cancelled Fez 2.

Read Polytron Corporation’s official message about Fez 2’s cancellation (don’t be surprised if their official statement gets pulled). After I read it, I cannot come up with a reason for Fez 2’s cancellation other than “the Internet is angry at its creator.”

This might be the first case where the Internet cancelled a game. I sure can’t remember any other game in the history of the medium that was cancelled due to Internet backlash. Usually, games get cancelled due to budget or quality issues. They usually don’t get Cancelled by Internet because that would require a (usually large) company to take their ball and leave. But games from small teams can be cancelled like that. I just don’t know of any games except Fez 2.

I dislike that he was so affected by Internet vitriol that he cancelled a game that some people were looking forward to.

On the other hand, he’s partially responsible for what happened and is likely antagonizing (or even bullying) people as I write this article.


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