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Warning: this article contains fanboy gushing about Japanese stuff because that's what I was really into back in 2016. -Dustin

Music Review: DOLL$BOXX - Dolls Collection

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DOLL$BOXX released Dolls Collection, a DVD compilation of sorts, in 2014. It includes:

  • All 9 DOLL$BOXX music videos
  • A short featurette about the band playing a show at Electric Lady Land on May 18th, 2014
  • 3 videos from their Electric Lady Land performance on May 19, 2014

You can watch every one of the music videos on YouTube. For free! If you are brand-new to DOLL$BOXX, the video for “Take My Chance” is a Dustin-Certified Must-Watch! The rest of the videos are great too, the whole set tells a story about the band (in its weird little way), and I loved watching all but one. That lone exception is “fragrance” - great song, but I didn’t understand the video when I was watching it. It makes far more sense if you know what the lyrics are, imagine that! Anyways, go check those videos out. They only cost you time!

The exclusive content was a little disappointing.

Nothing that I read online mentions this, but the Electric Lady Land videos are live PVs. Meaning that they have studio versions of songs played over live footage. At a few points, they crossfade between studio & live audio. What little live audio they have is mic-recorded and somewhat poor quality. I used to download Dead Kennedys live shows, and I’ve heard The Misfits’ Evilive, so I have built-up a high tolerance for audio quality. But I would think that using the original audio would turn a whole lot of people away from watching, so I understand why it’s like that. Personally, it was a little disappointing. I love seeing and hearing live performances of bands that I enjoy, and I think that these videos are the only official live thing that DOLL$BOXX ever released. It’s a shame that the live audio was apparently too bad to use in its entirety.

The featurette was interesting but completely in Japanese. DOLL$BOXX played Electric Lady Land with Gacharic Spin (which is kinda weird to say, but they were separate on the bill) and Light Bringer, so you see short clips of both of those bands. As one would expect, most of the footage is devoted to DOLL$BOXX, and you see a fair bit of interview footage, and clips from soundcheck and live performances with live audio. There’s a fair bit of goofying around, including a surprise piggy-back ride, bicep-flexing, and arm-jiggling. Interesting enough to watch once, but not enough to watch over and over again.

If the bonuses sound cool, or you’re crazy like me and want a DVD of the music videos, Dolls Collection is nice to have. Otherwise, you might want to give it a pass because you’re not missing too much. Either way, watch the music videos! They’re great!

Quick Details

DVD Region: Region-Free?

(Some online stores list Dolls Collection as being Region 2. These include Amazon and CDJapan. However, the copy that I bought from CDJapan was region-free.)

Auto-Play: No


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