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Misc. Review: ACE Tennis Elbow Strap w/ Custom Dial

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My tennis elbow prevents me from playing video games right now. And I don’t feel like reviewing any of the movies that I’ve seen recently, so here’s a review about a tennis elbow strap!

When I was first developing tennis elbow, I wore an elbow support. That is not something I recommend, an elbow support made the pain worse for me. Buy this thing instead! It’s an elbow strap with a pressure adjustment (that’s the dial,) and this pressure adjustment allows you to gradually add/remove pressure without touching the strap. This pressure adjustment allows you to stay (somewhat) comfortable while still wearing the elbow strap.

I only have a few gripes with this elbow strap. The knob tends to hang onto anything because it sticks-out quite a bit. The pressure adjustment can get uncomfortable because it presses a piece of plastic (with a bit of padding) into your arm. But overall, it’s really helping my tennis elbow, and after less than a week with this strap, I’m feeling much better.

Ace Brand Tennis Elbow with Custom Dial System (Amazon link, non-referral)

Stay tuned for reviews (of some kind) of Escape Goat 2, Sleeping Dogs, and Binary Domain.


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