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Sweet Video Game Videos - June 2016 Edition

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Here’s some low-effort content!!!! I’m working on a few posts, but none of them are ready, so here you go!


Trials of the Blood Dragon Trailer: Launch - E3 2016

E3 2016 happened earlier this month. And my #2 game of the show was Trials of the Blood Dragon. Trials AND Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon are now together forever, and this trailer got me very hyped for the game. Reviews from users and critics have been disappointing, but that won’t stop me from buying this today! Maybe I will enjoy it?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Official Game Trailer - Nintendo E3 2016

My #1 game at E3 20016 was Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It looks like an open-world game, and if Nintendo delivers, it will be so much fun to play.

THPS Stuff

Fog’s TAS of Tony Hawk’s Underground 2

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 by Plumato in 21:17 - Awesome Games Done Quick 2016

I didn’t buy THUG2 when it came out because I thought it was dumb. I still don’t own a playable copy of it. But after watching these videos, I want to buy it now that I know how utterly insane it is.

The TAS (tool-assisted speedrun) covers the story mode and features a copious amount of ridiculous happenings that may very well blow your mind if you consider the THPS series to be slightly grounded in reality. I’m talking about necromancy, Bigfoot, and high-flying glitches.

The non-TAS speedrun tackles the classic mode and features Shrek. Yes, THUG2 had Shrek as a playable character, and I had no idea until I watched this speedrun. That was quite surprising, and I still don’t fully comprehend what I saw. I guess you could say that I can’t get ogre it.

Sega Saturn Stuff for Some Reason

The Launch of the Sega Saturn (1995)

Classic Gaming Quarterly is a pretty cool channel that has, among other things, in-depth retrospectives of system launches. This video is an informative recap of the Saturn’s US launch and one I recommend watching if you’re a Sega fan.

Speaking of the Saturn, here’s an excellent and extremely in-depth video about the Saturn’s graphical capabilities:

Sega Saturn Graphic In-depth Investigations

And when I say extremely in-depth, I mean it. Get ready to have a headache (in the best way) when watching it.


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